Saturday, November 16, 2013

Happy Birthday, Paria

So I guess yesterday was the anniversary of our town. I was pretty sure they celebrated that a little over a month ago. Oh well, here´s an album of little kids in traditional Peruvian dress.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Just A Small Update With A Few Photos

In no particular order:

We got some chickens.

Menda's public trash can project is a success.

We almost "stole" another neighbor's cat - by this I really mean that we gave it food when it came by to visit, but the last cat we did that for never left.

Menda got a 500 gram bar of chocolate at a museum in Lima. It only took us a few days to finish it off. They also had a 1 kilogram version, but I think it was two of the smaller ones back to back in the same package.

A neighbor gifted us a puppy, but after spending the night whining by the door, it sprinted back home when our host dad left for work in the morning.

We had a big birthday celebration for Menda, me, and our host sister (who happens to share the same day with me). Our host brother and sister came in from Lima, our other host sister from rural Ancash with a few friends, a smattering of various family members from the community (including our cousin's new baby girl), and a handful of volunteers. It was a bit early for a Thanksgiving celebration, but that's really what it felt like. We had twelve people packed around a small table, ate picante de pollo, and politely turned down the bubble gum flavored soda - a matter of national pride here.

Menda points out that a fair number of our posts have at least some small mention of a kitten. I apologize; fewer kittens in the future.

Chickens, a Kitten, and a Big Bar of Chocolate