Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A Long Overdue Update

Although I feel everyone by now has probably been told several times, I'll state for the record on this blog that we are in fact going to Peru.  Don't ask where in Peru just yet; we don't know.  We'll be in Chaclacayo (a suburb of Lima) for the 3 month training period, but not even the Peace Corps knows yet where we'll be after that.  They'll be deciding that based on how the training period goes.  Here's what we do know at this point.  We'll be leaving Urbana-Champaign on the 9th for Aurora to visit family and friends up there, departing for DC on the 13th for Peace Corps staging, and flying out the next morning for Peru.

In Peru, I'll be working as a Community Health Promoter, which could entail anything from HIV/AIDS education to building latrines.  If I'm really lucky, I'll get to help people start vegetable gardens, but then again I may be talking to people about personal hygiene, so we'll see. Regardless, I'll be in Peru serving others, so I think it's pretty much win-win.

Amanda will be working in Protected Areas Management, which has an equally broad range of jobs. Ecotourism, conservation, national parks administration, environmental education, or pretty much anything related to the environment.

For those who haven't received verbal or email invitations, we are having a going-away party on the 8th of September at 301 Mongolia in downtown Champaign from 7 to 11.  Anyone can show up, so pass along the information to everyone you know who may be interested.  They have great food there, and I encourage you (if you should come) to try their small plates as well as the create-your-own stir fry, or just get some drinks,  but, just to be clear, we're not buying.  If people are still showing up closer to 11, we'll probably move things next door to Dublin O'Neil's (which also has incredible food, and their kitchens are open until 2 AM).

Thanks to everyone for all the well-wishes, prayers, and general encouragement.

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