Monday, June 10, 2013

Dat Sauce

I definitely owe a longer post than this, however, what with PEPFAR and then the Lehmans visiting and then IST/PDM, I´ve been quite busy. So I´ll take the time now just to mention the most important thing.

1) I regularly have food cravings for all kinds of stuff you just can`t get here (Jimmy Johns, real cookies, deep dish pizza), but none I crave so consistently as some Li´l Porgy´s sauce, and the Lehmans brought us some! Now, eating meat here is always a risky choice, but have you ever tried barbecue sauce on:

 - Bread
 - Ramen
 - Crackers
 - Your Finger

Or lacking those, just squirted straight into your mouth or, if a syringe is handy, injected directly into your bloodstream? Yeah, it´s still good.

Thanks to everyone who has kept us in their prayers, sent us stuff, or written us letters. They keep us going when we can´t do it of our own accord.

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